The Technology Takers

Leading Change in the Digital Era

2019 Award Winning Bestseller

The Technology Takers 

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Maker, taker, tinker or tailor? Astute managers should employ change leadership techniques as a strategy for digital era survival. The Technology Takers offers a playbook to manage change, create value and exploit strategic opportunities.

A technology-taking organization will focus on its unique purpose. It will strive not to reinvent technologies as a maker or tailor nor to ignore modernity as a tinker. Realizing that they can change only themselves, technology takers will harness the power of the digital era and its myriad data streams to strengthen their position and to improve their achievements.

Jack Canfield interview with The Technology Takers co-author, Sheila Q. Cox 


Jack and Sheila talk about The Technology Takers: Leading Change in the Digital Era.

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